May 28, 2024


Manipulating data is an essential part of any programming language, and JavaScript is no exception. With JSON becoming a primary data delivery format, reversing arrays is a common data manipulation task. Reversing arrays can be useful for displaying the most recent transactions or for simple alphabetic sorting.

Traditionally, reversing arrays in JavaScript was done using the `reverse` method, but this would mutate the original array. To avoid this mutation, developers would have to copy the array and then reverse it. However, there is a newer method called `toReversed` that can be used to avoid mutating the original array. This is crucial in JavaScript, where object references are meaningful, and avoiding mutation of data objects is incredibly important.

Overall, whether you want to display the most recent data or perform simple sorting, reversing arrays is a common and important task in JavaScript development. As a developer, understanding the different methods for reversing arrays without mutating the original data is crucial for writing efficient and maintainable code.


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