May 28, 2024


Bluesky, a new social networking platform similar to Twitter, is gaining popularity as an alternative to Twitter after its acquisition by Elon Musk. One unique feature of Bluesky is the ability for users to base their username on a hostname’s DNS record, allowing for greater security and verification.

To change your handle to your domain, simply go to Bluesky’s Settings page and click “change my handle.” You’ll be prompted to select “I have my own domain” and then enter the domain you’d like to use, along with the provided TXT DNS record entry. After adding the provided DNS record to your domain’s DNS, click “Verify DNS Record” on Bluesky to complete the process. Once verified, your username will then be your domain!

This feature sets Bluesky apart from other social networking platforms, offering users a more personalized and secure way to interact online. With usernames based on a domain’s DNS record, users have greater control over their online presence and identity. This innovative approach to usernames aligns with Bluesky’s commitment to user privacy and security.


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