May 28, 2024


Apple’s Vision Pro might be coming sooner than we thought, with an announcement from Apple happening later this week. This is according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who claims that Apple is already shipping the device in small quantities to warehouses in the U.S. as it prepares to distribute them to its retail stores.

While the probable launch date for the Vision Pro is still February (Gurman said so back in December), Apple could make an announcement this week, taking some of the thunder from the CES event, which officially kicks off on January 9 (Apple almost never has an official presence at tech shows such as CES or Mobile World Congress). Gurman’s report has a few other details supporting his thesis of an “imminent” Vision Pro launch. For example, Apple is reportedly already flying employees from its retail stores to Cupertino for secret trainings for a new product. And on January 21, all Apple’s stores in the U.S. will be holding a three-hour meeting for all employees — a rare occurrence, and likely tied to the Vision Pro launch.

Apple originally said that the $3,499 Vision Pro would be available “early 2024” and the company is still sticking to it on its official site. That’s in the U.S.; in other countries, the Vision Pro will officially be available “later in 2024.” Gurman now claims that this probably won’t be “that much later,” with China, Canada, and the UK likely being some of the first markets to get the new headset.


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