May 28, 2024


To restart a Mac system from the command line, you can use various methods. Restarting and shutting down a computer remotely is often necessary for remote system administrators and those who write shell scripts. This article explores how to restart Mac systems from the command line, both locally and remotely, as well as how to schedule a restart at a specific time.

To restart a local Mac system from the command line, you can execute:

sudo shutdown -r now

For a remote Mac system, execute:

ssh -l {AdminSystemAddress}
sudo shutdown -r now

You can also specify a restart at a specific time using the following format:

sudo shutdown -r hhmm

For example, to restart at 11:30pm local time, you would use:

sudo shutdown -r 2330

Restarting a system can be beneficial after major updates or for clearing out system resources. These command line examples should help with restarting a Mac system, both locally and remotely.


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