May 28, 2024


Web debugging tools have come a long way and have made the process of debugging much more efficient. One such tool is the XHR/fetch breakpoints, which allows you to pause the execution of code when an AJAX call is made. Setting an XHR/fetch breakpoint is simple- you just need to open your browser’s Developer Tools and click on the Sources tab, and then click on the XHR/fetch accordion item and the “+” button. You can then input a string that you’d like to break all XHR/fetch calls on.

For example, if you wanted to break any time a fetch request was made, you would input “”. Once the XHR/fetch request breakpoint halts execution, you can step through and step into the code, and you’ll get a full Call Stack pane to see how execution got to a given point.

XHR/fetch breakpoints are essential for debugging web apps, especially in today’s world where dynamic websites with frequently changing content are the norm. Happy debugging!


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