May 28, 2024


It’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten a few things off of my chest and since I’m always full of peeves and annoyances I thought it was time to unleash:

– One day you’re getting recruited by another crypto wallet vendor, the next their users are getting drained of funds. Dodged a bullet there…
– Apple has released its XR headset but XR as a daily experience is still decades away. I worked on Mozilla VR 10 years ago and the industry hasn’t gained an ounce of traction since then. Why?
– The truth is that no one wants to put on a headset, looking like an idiot, for experiences. Augmented reality’s success requires the least amount of friction for success.
– $3500 is an insane price for a XR headset. Even if the product is amazing, they’ve shut out most of the market.
– My household is an Apple household. iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, AirPods, AppleTVs, etc. That said, I loathe how new Apple products are celebrated. Apple releases subpar products while Apple simps celebrate them.
– We continue to use Apple products because Apple products always just work together. User experience is everything.
– Working with a Design Systems team is one of the best things to happen to my career. Ready to use components make development faster, more focused, and more enjoyable for engineers.
– A few friends have recently asked me to talk to them about Bitcoin. Bull market incoming?
– Every time I publish a pro-React tweet I get Svelte and Vue engineers insulting me. I finally know what felt like to be a jQuery stan.
– One of the best parts of working remotely is being able to get up a few times a day to steal a hug and kiss from my wife. Fair chance she might disagree.
– The state of console video games is at an all time low. Switch, PS5, and Xbox are offering nothing special at the rate you’d hope. PC games these days are incredible.
– Feels like the era of blogs is well and truly over. Traffic is down, advertisers drying up, and even I don’t read as many blogs as I used to.
– I can’t necessarily switch to media because I have a face for radio and voice for the silent films. Our podcast was fun though.
– Seeing the media celebrate Manchester City for winning the treble after 115 charges of financial rules breaches, also known as cheating, shows how easily sportswashing works.

Am I wrong? Am I right? Bring it.


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