May 28, 2024


Artificial intelligence applications have experienced a significant surge in popularity in the past year, with ChatGPT emerging as a prominent example. ChatGPT has the ability to take any written command and suggest content to match, making it a powerful tool for content creation. One platform that leverages the power of ChatGPT AI is Froala, which offers instant content creation within its WYSIWYG editor.

The ChatGPT plugin can be easily installed in a WYSIWYG editor, allowing users to type a command, highlight the text, click the ChatGPT button, and receive a response. This feature makes the content creation process more enjoyable and innovative, and it is also straightforward to implement from a technical perspective.

Implementing ChatGPT capability into Froala’s WYSIWYG instance involves adding the button, registering the command, and including it in the toolbar. This allows users to access the powerful AI directly within their content editor.

Froala and ChatGPT work well together, with ChatGPT serving as a thesaurus, dictionary, and writing partner all in one. Use cases for ChatGPT in a WYSIWYG editor might include rewording sentences, asking questions to reduce manual research, obtaining the definition of a word, getting translations, and much more.

Incorporating ChatGPT AI into a WYSIWYG content editor enables the creation of smarter content, applications, and interfaces. Users can ask ChatGPT to incorporate imagery, videos, and embeddable HTML snippets into their content, making the process of enriching content more efficient.

Froala offers a variety of advanced features, such as image editing, PDF exporting, theming, and AJAX support. Realtime collaboration is another valuable feature that is even more powerful with the addition of ChatGPT, as every collaborator gains access to ChatGPT content generation.

By adding ChatGPT to Froala’s WYSIWYG editor, AI technology becomes more accessible and user-friendly. This accessibility can lead to the creation of more rich and quality content, ultimately increasing conversion and revenue.

Froala’s integration of ChatGPT underscores its commitment to providing users with a powerful tool for content creation. Empowering users with AI capabilities makes the WYSIWYG editor even more valuable. Try Froala WYSIWYG and experience the benefits of combining AI technology with a top-notch content editor.


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