May 28, 2024


Summing an array of numbers is easy using Array.prototype.reduce! The 0 represents the starting value while with a and b, one represents the running total with the other representing the value to be added. You’ll also note that using reduce prevents side effects! The reduce function allows you to perform operations on an array iteratively and return a single value as an output. Here’s a quick breakdown of the reduce function:

– It takes in a callback function which in turn takes in two arguments: the accumulator (a) and the current value (b)
– The reduce function runs the callback function on each element of the array, where the return value of the callback becomes the accumulator for the next iteration
– The initial value provided to the reduce function acts as the starting value for the accumulator
– The reduce function is an effective way to sum an array of numbers or perform various other operations such as finding the maximum or minimum value in an array, flattening an array, or counting occurrences of elements.

While a built-in Math.sum function or a similar API might be more convenient, the reduce function provides a simple and effective solution for summing an array of numbers in JavaScript. With reduce, you can handle array summation and other operations with ease.


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